lille—design is a platform for design-based economic development for businesses, local communities, and any other public or private structure, individual or collective, wishing to develop through the use of design tools.


Design propels progress as soon as it is integrated within a company project. Closely linked to economic, social, and environmental challenges, design is at the heart of a holistic and deeply transformative approach which allows a business to better anticipate change. The creative process is centered on use and so, everything becomes possible

Unlike popular belief, design is not restricted to a particular field, such as furniture or interior decoration. It cuts across all disciplines and all business sectors can benefit from design.


Working with all organizations that want to advance and reinvent themselves through innovation, this has been lille-design's manifesto since its start in 2011. 

More than words, lille-design supports companies and local communities in their approach to design integration. Information, training, consulting, audit, support, events, and more. The scope of actions is particularly wide. Above all, it is adapted to each specific situation, based on development needs and project maturity. lille—design also acts as a general project manager to facilitate relationships between the organization and the optimal solution.

Any new projects? We'd love to work with you.

The lille—design Business Club

Even better, economic players are welcomed and Invited to become members of our Business Club.

Originally designed as a think tank when created in 2014, today it offers dedicated services for all types of organizations. Notwithstanding, it remains a place for thought and dialogue where best practices in the approach to design are shared. The presence and contributions of big names in the sector engage members in the design culture. Rejoignez-nous !


Designer at heart

And where do the designers fit in all this ? They are at the heart of lille—design. The Lille metropolitan area and more generally the Hauts-de-France region teem with talents in this field. The overreaching ambition is to structure the field for the benefit of designers.

To identify who they are, to promote them, to train them, to support them, and to bring them together by way of our directory, or regional facilities such as the Designers Club, or the cross-border Tripod II project. Designers can even work with Tremplin—design a platform for emerging innovation, much like a business incubator.

Opening up horizons

Since 2011, lille—design has accelerated companies' economic development, and it has heightened the influence of the Lille metropolitan area and the Hauts-de-France region, a boost for local communities.

The good news is that many regions are already attracted by a design approach and discipline: original experiments for aligning tourism and service design, industry and


Because design knows no boundaries, lille—design also leads Tripod II, an European Interreg project. New horizons in perspective.


Communication Kit

lille—design has adopted new communication tools, created in collaboration with Surfaces Studio. The kit is a flexible object which can be adapted in various ways much like our association. Within this modifiable object, you'll find a presentation as well as all the organization's actions with a focus on the Business Club and the designers community.

Designers are showcased with the publication of 100 drawings. In random kits, you'll will find a drawing based on our appointments. Eight new drawings are currently in the works.

If you're a designer and you would like to have one of your drawings published, then send us your sketch, illustration, or project rough draft at !

Download the kit

Picture Crédit : Surfaces Studio