Tripod II serves small/medium businesses, which want to develop competitiveness through design. How? Through incorporation of design resources in their development strategy as a means for innovation, differentiation and value-creation. According to a study by the British Design Council, every euro invested in design generates €2.25 in revenues.


logo tripod 2Value creation and collaboration

As a stakeholder in the GoToS3 project portfolio of the cross-border Interreg France-Wallonia-Flanders cooperation program, Tripod-II established three major goals:

  • emphasize integration of design resources as a means for value creation in companies ;
  • encourage cross-border collaborations between companies (and research) and designers, to increase value creation ;
  • - develop and spread a high-performance support method.

Targeted actions in 4 areas

The Tripod project's twelve partners have pooled their strengths, their skills, and their networks in order to propose a complete offer using several tools:

  • design diagnosis and bespoke company support for implementation of their design approach and projects ;
  • training in design methods and tools for companies, designers, and consultants ;
  • creation, distribution, and pooling of tools for understanding and Incorporating design in business activities ;
  • development of cross-border business opportunities (DESIGN FUSION) and structuring of a designer network (DESIGNER CLUB).. 

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