The European France-Wallonia-Flanders Interreg program for territorial cooperation encourages economic and social exchanges amongst 4 bordering regions: the Hauts-de-France and Grand Est regions in France, and the Wallonia, western and eastern Flanders regions in Belgium.

A new and innovative instrument

Interreg France-Wallonia-Flanders combines shared skills while promoting the rich diversity of each region, and this, for the benefit the area's population. In total, 170 million euros from the European funds for regional development will be allocated to the program to support projects in 4 areas of cooperation:

  • Research, innovation and technology transfer
  • Competitiveness of small- and medium-size businesses
  • Heritage, natural resources, risk management
  • Social cohesion, health, training, and employment

Moving towards smart specialisation

GoToS3 (S3 for Smart Specialization Strategy) is a portfolio of 16 projects within the Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen Interreg program which includes Tripod II. Projects aiming to develop their complementarity and activities in order to optimize results and generate a more significant impact on the territory.