Lille—design promotes innovation and the design approach through the support of designers. Beyond putting them in contact with companies, our support for their projects' development enhances entrepreneurial spirit and the taking of initiatives.

A powerful network

The region counts more than 250 known designers. Whether they're working in an agency, part of a company, or self-employed, we need to create favorable conditions for their meeting companies which want to innovate.

Our asset? Our network. Established to create dialogue, showcase projects for greater visibility, and support companies - very small businesses as well as SME/SMIs - in defining their design approach within their business strategies.

Support designers development

The designers don’t all know about the tools created by local communities to support young entrepreneurs and their development. Yet the possibilities are endless given the region's industrial wealth, the numerous hubs of excellence, and the policy for innovation promoted by Lille European Metropolis and the Hauts-de-France region.