Rejoindre le Club d’entreprises lille—design, c’est prendre part à une communauté d’acteurs économiques engagés vers un monde durable, équitable et harmonieux. C’est aussi être impliqué dans les enjeux de développement économique et créatif de notre territoire, à l’échelle des Hauts-de-France.


Support for cross-border development of the design-creation sector

The objective of the DESIGN IN project is to consolidate and stimulate the development of high street stores by incorporating design elements. Practical initiatives will involve craftsmen-designers and the cities of Mons, Tournai, Kortrijk and Lille Métropole.


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Design'in shops

Boosting trade through design 

The DESIGN IN SHOPS initiative encourages collaboration between professional designers and high street shops. Following a call for projects, the selected stores will work with a professional designer to enhance their appeal. There will be a competition to explore the different actions taken by the designers.


Pop in store

Testing the selling spaces in the four cities

The POP IN STORE initiative will be used to give craftsmen-designers a temporary sales space that alternates between the four project cities to test the market on the other side of the border. This space could be a place dedicated to creation and/or manufacturing but also a place for selling in the form of a stand on a creators' market, a vacant trading space that can be rented or a shop-in-shop made available in an existing store.


Design'in town

Co-creation design at the service of public spaces

The DESIGN IN TOWN initiative aims to improve the urban environment using design methods. Brand new concepts for the public space are developed in a participatory way through a process of co-creation between the residents, tourists, entrepreneurs and designers.

We are carrying out this initiative simultaneously in 4 cross-border regions, namely Kortrijk, Mons, Tournai and Lille Métropole. A reflection on the "forgotten" areas of these different city centres is always the starting point for action.