lille—design is a platform for design-based development serving the economy and the region and, since 2011, with the support of La Métropole Européenne de Lille and the Hauts de France region, has been working to develop the design sector at metropolitan, regional and Euro-regional levels.

Our priority objectives include promoting design practices in companies, supporting the design projects of local authorities and businesses, and accompanying designers as they develop their activities. lille—design is actively involved with a wide range of actors with a view to highlighting the many facets of design and adopting them as a driver of development.



Boost the economic development of businesses and project a positive image for local authorities.



Use design to contribute to the sustainable economic development of the region and its attractiveness through a set of actions that reflect the objectives of businesses, local authorities and actors of development generally.



    Promoting design

    Supporting the integration of design

    Creating links between actors in a collaborative economy

    Contributing to the renewal of public policies through creative approaches