Made in northis a brand designed by lille—design to gatherexperiences in design and collaboratewithmanufacturers in Nord-Pas- de Calais.

The brand takes the form of a collection of objects made in the area, an exhibition stand to display the objectsdesigned and made in the north, a magazine to showcasesucesses in design and detailedinventory of designers,companies, know-how and craftspeople.

« made in north » what is it ?

Exhibition :
the exhibition entitled made in north, design explainedis for local business, authorities and for anyother institution with a design focus. The didactic mini exhibition addresses the question, « what is design ? » A dozen or soproducts and services, all designed and made in the region between 2012 and 2014 reflect the diversity of design. In parallel, short films show how industrial objects can become iconic (« Design » collection, Arte). The host companycandefine the content of the exhibition by selecting objects from a catalogue. At each stop, an explanation is offered during a coffee or lunch break.

The collection :
With a new tourist office due to open, the Lille tourist board asked lille—design to come up withsome new products that highlight the region’s creativity. Made in North is a collection of products , all made locally by local designers, manufacturers and creftspeople. An initial list of designer objects has already been drawn up. There willbe a second series of new designs, the fruit of collaboration between designers and local know-how. The products either already exist or will be produced at lowcost to ensure an affordable retail price.